Control of real estate Project

In real estate developments, numerous factors intervene with influence on the final result and the success of the development: budgets and costs, deadlines, legalizations, hiring, financing or marketing.

Project Monitoring is an efficient instrument for controlling all these factors, aimed mainly at promotions where there is funding.

LMT Project Monitoring offers a service that is increasingly required by financing entities as a control mechanism, it allows monitoring the management of a promotion, throughout its development, maintaining continuous supervision and risk control throughout the process, in a way that allows the client to know the exact situation of the project.

In short, it is an independent service for the monitoring, follow-up and control of the investment necessary for the execution of a real estate asset, from before starting the work until the handover of keys, which minimizes the financial risks of the project.

The LMT Project Monitoring service allows our clients to have reliable, objective and continuous information on the development of the real estate development, from its embryonic phase to the handover of keys:

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LMT's Project Monitoring service includes:
  • License analysis
  • Audit on the business plan
  • Project control
  • Insurance contracting control
  • Work execution monitoring
  • Analysis and control of certifications
  • Control and Verification of payments and income
  • Contract tracking
  • Monitoring of OCT reports
  • Correspondence control of executed with the project.
  • Validation of costs, income and final expenses
  • Follow-up of registration of supplies and connections.
  • Control and correspondence of DON and DH

In short, the LMT Project Monitoring service allows us to know, at all times, where and how the money from a real estate investment is being used.

Our goal is to fulfill the planning, in all aspects, of the promotion.

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