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Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is the backbone of all LMT activities. Reaching climate neutrality in 2050 and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda are great global challenges that imply a profound positive transformation of the world we know, through major social, economic and environmental changes.

Sustainable Construction is the necessary evolution of the real estate sector and that the current regulatory framework undoubtedly indicates. The LMT team has the training that allows the concept of sustainability (balance between ecological, economic and social objectives) in construction and real estate activity, advising the client to achieve the commitments that society demands.

LMT Sustainable Construction applies various Environmental Assessment tools that help reduce these negative impacts on the environment, together with the social and economic repercussions, beyond the mere focus on the energy behavior of the building, to turn each project into a more efficient reality. comfortable and respectful with the environment.

To do this, we carry out exhaustive diagnoses, develop proposals for improvement and collaborate in the implementation of innovative measures in the economic, social and environmental fields.

  • Minimization of the environmental impact of buildings
  • Energy Efficiency Certification
  • Development of the Energy Evaluation report (according to R.D. 235/13)
  • Advice on Efficiency improvements and / or Energy Rehabilitation
  • Waste-free real estate projects
  • Application of passive and active solutions for nZEB buildings

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